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Santa Maria Arts Council

Encouraging and Supporting the Expansion of the Arts since 1965
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The birdhouses are returning to the 2018 OCAF Chalk Art Festival.
Thank you for making last year such a great success!

All proceeds from the Birdhouse $1 raffle tickets go directly to prizes for student artists who participate in the Santa Maria Arts Council Student Art Show held each spring.

2018 will mark the 38th anniversary of this art show intended to encourage teachers to keep art education alive in classrooms and publicly recognize the talents of Santa Maria’s young emerging artists.

Your $1 raffle ticket will give you a chance to win one of these amazing original birdhouse creations by local artists.

Please join us at the OCAF Chalk Art Festival September 29th.
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Gerry Stinn

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Hattie Stoddard

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Dale Cornwell

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Dean Reese

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Marilyn Dover Benson

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John Hood

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Ruben Espinoza

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Ruben Espinoza

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