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Santa Maria Arts Council

The Santa Maria Arts Council introduced the first Student Art Show in 1980 in response to cutbacks in school art programs. The Council’s goal, has, and continues to be, the encouragement of teachers to keep the visual arts alive and recognize the arts as a fundamental element of education. The link between the arts and a student’s achievement is undeniable.

While the show has had several homes over the years, we are very grateful to once again be in the Santa Maria Town Center to display the Student Arts Show.

The Santa Maria Arts Council is grateful that the local junior highs and high schools, charter and home schools are keeping visual art within their curriculum, and that they have extremely talented instructors to encourage students to pursue creative excellence. This commitment is evident by the quality of work on display for your enjoyment.

The process of having an idea and seeing it come to fruition is essential and significant in a child’s development. The magnitude of that process: discovery, learning, and experimenting, is the reason the Arts Council advocates for arts in education and our volunteers work so hard to put on this art show.

While the Council does reward students with certificates, ribbons and cash awards, primarily we know that first, it is an honor for a student’s art to be selected for a show and secondly, the biggest reward is the excitement of having others view and respond to their work. And, the Arts Council’s art show is often the first time for students to have their work shown in a public display.

Students who enter their work in a public art show are rewarded far beyond monetary prizes. They win with a huge boost in their self-esteem, they are awarded the value of accomplishment, and they offer the community, family, and friends a chance to respond and even revel over their creativity.

This exhibit only happens through the efforts of the Santa Maria Arts Council and their partners who believe that the arts should be available to all students. We truly feel that art matters!

Thank you for supporting the 40th annual Student Art Show.

Please continue to support the arts and encourage your local school districts to keep art education in the schools at all levels.

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Santa Maria Arts Council
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