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Santa Maria Arts Council

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Why Art Matters...
…it enriches our lives
 …it builds communication skills
 …it increases tourism
 …it employed 500,891 people in California in 2008 (not including freelancers)
 …it defines cultures over the centuries
 …it inspires us
 …it raises test scores
 …it is what makes us human
 …it reaches students who might not otherwise be engaged
 …it enlivens our senses
 …it expands our perceptual capacity
 …it enhances our ability to learn
 …it added $38.9-billion to U.S. economy in 2008
 …it increases self-confidence
 …it is the link necessary for innovation
 …it teaches professionalism and responsibility
 …it is a reflection of our personalities, dreams, defeats, and triumphs
 …it fuels the imagination
 …its funding from the state has declined more than 30% since 2001
 …it requires your undying commitment to insure it flourishes


Art 'speaks' the heart of the artist, and touches the heart of the beholder

It keeps us striving to achieve a quality of communication that will arrive and be duplicated. It lets future generations may know what we loved and that we were thinking of them as we made our decisions and created our legacy.

Art teaches us how to think creatively. Art shows us how to take chances. Art encourages us to learn from our failures as well as our successes.

We have been created to create!

it keeps us grounded to our inner lives

It heals.

It feeds your Soul!

It saves your sanity when you are in great need.

Art matters because it helps to keep us sane in a crazy world.

Art reflects our society and mirrors our existence.

Making art is fun for artists.

It teaches us to think creatively (outside the box) which makes us better problem solvers.

Why art matters? It heals human maladies of heart, mind, and body.
Why art matters? It was the first language and continues to be a powerful language that crosses all cultures.
Thank you for letting me contribute to your list of "Why art matters".
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art matters because if you are involved in it, it does more to fight off depression than any drug or therapist.

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The Santa Maria Arts Council is a 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
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