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Santa Maria Arts Council

Encouraging and Supporting the Expansion of the Arts since 1965
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We know that you value art.

So, we call upon you to show up, in force, and demonstrate the need and importance of art to the Santa Maria City Council and demand that they take an active role in developing public art.

We need to fill the chamber at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday November 19 at 5:30pm to show our collective support for the Art Master Plan and Ordinance.

Only with a strong – and vocal – turnout will we convince our leaders that public art is essential, not only in the beautification of the city, but to actually realize the benefits that public art can bring to a community.

Community Pride
Community Identity
Strengthens Economy
Reduces Blight
Inspires and Stimulates Imagination
Increases Tourism
Enriches the Environment
Brings People Together
Builds Cultural Bridges
Creates Learning Opportunities

The Art Master Plan and Ordinance is modeled after hundreds of similar ordinances across the country. It requires that all building permits over $50,000 with a cap of $2,000,000 will contribute a ¼% fee toward public art.

Public art can challenge, delight, educate and illuminate. It creates a sense of civic vitality.

Please demonstrate your need for the Council to show that they value art in our city!

Seriously, it won’t happen without your participation!

7th Annual Birdhouse Fundraiser

Click to see more of this year's creations that you could win with a $1 raffle ticket!
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Jason Bolen

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Lindie Simone

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Beverly Johnson

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Dale Cornwell

The 2019 Santa Maria Arts Council Individual Grants in the Arts Winners
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1st place dance - Charlotte Baldiviez
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1st place drama - Brooke Johnson
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1st place visual arts - Donna Olivera
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1st place music - Kevin Park
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2nd place visual arts - Anna Miller
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2nd place drama - Victoria Sanders
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2nd place dance - Emmanuel Zaragoza
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2nd place music - Taylor Hart
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Ian M. Hassett Memorial Award - Gold Vang
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Nat Fast Memorial Performance Award - Holly Vander Hyde
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Valley Art Gallery Scholarship - Kaylee Kamiya
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Honoree Alex Posada and MC Kitty Balay
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2019 Santa Maria Arts Council
Individual Grants in the Arts Showcase

2019 Grants Honoree - Alex Posada

Grants Winners

Charlotte Baldiviez
Emmanuel Zaragoza

Brooke Johnson
Victoria Sanders

Nat D. Vast Memorial Performance Award
Holly Vander Hyde

Kevin Park
Taylor Hart

Visual Arts
Donna Olivera
Anna Miller

Valley Art Gallery Scholarship
Kaylee Kamiya

Ian M. Hassett Memorial Award
Gold Vang

The 39th Annual
Student Art Show

April 12 - May 2

View more art on the Student Art Show web page

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The Santa Maria Arts Council is a 501c3 non-profit. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.
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